Saturday, August 10, 2019

Marketing of services (service bundling) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing of services (service bundling) - Essay Example I also identified that the research methodology of the article involved a wide range of services associated with prices for equipments or parts, labour along with full services relating to the manufacturing operations of the firms. When ascertaining the ultimate findings of the research, I observed that the article explored the service needs of the Chinese manufacturing organisations dividing their operations into five major clusters, viz. â€Å"highly price-sensitive on basic service needs†, â€Å"highly sensitive on logistic performance of basic service needs†, â€Å"preventing product breakdowns for very reasonable prices†, â€Å"knowledge seeking† and â€Å"seeking for cost-efficient outsourcing partners.† In this context, I also identified that the findings ascertained by the research article had major management implications, associating the service needs of the Chinese manufacturing firms with the service-based organisations of the nation. My experience in this assignment have been quite helpful, not only in developing my understanding of organisational operational processes, but also related to the various ways of conducting a research along with its rationality. My experience through this assignment further helped me understand that developing a framework of research prior to implementing it is very crucial that provides a structure to the entire process along with defining its base in an objective-oriented manner. Reviewing the research findings, I observed that ‘price sensitivity of Chinese manufacturing companies’, I have recognised that the low priced service items including spare parts, wear parts, repair along with inspection and basic services to maintain contracts achieved the highest mean. In this context, I understood that the services associated with low price are highly required by the Chinese manufacturing companies. Correspondingly, I observed that factors including the availability of

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