Friday, August 9, 2019

Engineering Economics (Ethical, Civics, and Stewardship) Essay

Engineering Economics (Ethical, Civics, and Stewardship) - Essay Example An engineer should avoid deceptive tactics when delivering services since this tarnishes the reputation of engineering in the community. In addition to that an engineer should ensure that health and safety of the entire public is not compromised. An engineer just like any citizen he has an obligation to play as a citizen of United States. First he should use his profession to enhance the quality of life of other Americans. Above all, an engineer should ensure that his due taxes are paid in time. Maintaining peace and defending America when performing his services adds up to good citizenship of the United States. Stewardship can be defined as leading by example accepting responsibility for the activities carried. Engineers are involved in developing and managing complex projects and as human being errors do occur. A professional engineer should admit responsibility on his part rather engaging in blame a game that would lead nowhere. However, this does not mean that engineers should be reckless in their duties, but try to minimize such scenarios. Stewardship also encompasses admitting responsibility for excellence in service delivery, though most people only focus on the

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