Thursday, August 8, 2019

Regression Analysis & T-Test Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Regression Analysis & T-Test - Assignment Example Based on a thorough analysis of the data provided do you think that there is evidence to support the company’s current patterns of spending? That is, do you think either radio or newspaper adverts have a sufficient impact on income to justify the expense? What recommendations would you give regarding future spending? Once again, support these recommendations with appropriate statistical outputs such as correlation coefficients, fitted line plots and regression output and perform appropriate hypothesis tests. Explain and discuss the output and analysis and give appropriate advice.The correlations matrix shows that there is a strong positive relationship between profits and radio expenditures (that is, the higher the radio expenditures the higher the profits made); with a coefficient of 0.802, this shows indeed a strong positive relationship that exists between the two variables (profits and radio expenditure). The relationship between profits and newspapers expenditure is howev er negative; that is the higher the newspaper expenditures the lower the profits.From the regression table above, we observe the value of R-squared to be 64.4%; this implies that 64.4% of variation in the profits (dependent variable) is entirely explained by the two independent variables (radio and newspaper advertisements). The p-value of the overall model is 0.000 (a value less than ÃŽ ±=0.05), leading us to reject the null hypothesis thus concluding that the overall model is appropriate and fit and that the two independent variables.

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