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Discipleship in the Gospel of Matthew Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Discipleship in the Gospel of Matthew - Essay Example he concept of discipleship will be explored and subsequently validated through comparisons to the role of faith, devotional learning and ministry within contemporary Christian communities. The English word disciple customarily denotes a follower, adherent or student of a great master, religious leader or teacher.2 Discipleship, in relation to the teachings of New Testament principles, focuses around Christs establishment of a group of individuals who digest, adopt and consequently administer these lessons to other individuals for the sake of promoting Christian doctrine. Moreover, a primary objective of Christs ministry was to appoint citizens of the community of Israel to the role of disciple where, as He preached and educated them regarding His new covenant, these newly selected ministers were moved to faith for the sake of servitude to Christianity.3 It is crucial to highlight the fundamental principles of new Christian doctrine, as Jesus teachings offered a radical reinterpretation of scripture and Jewish tradition whereby He frames the invitation to an abundant life within a new Christian community through a calling to rigorous discipleship.4 In the New Testament, Christ administers His absolute authority to promote a new doctrine for acceptable living by citing His relationship as the appointed messenger of God. Through His teachings, those who were appointed as disciples formed the nucleus of the modern church and that the pattern of the relationship between Christ and his disciples was essential for the establishment of a communion between the risen Lord and members of His church.5 Thus, discipleship can from God through Christ. It is within the Gospel of Matthew where elements of discipleship are most apparent which point toward the goals of adherents to Christianity and the role of disciples in promoting Christian morality and Gods law for the sake of building not only the modern church, but in establishing salvation for others through ministry. The

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