Monday, September 9, 2019

Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Project - Essay Example The first component of the theory segment in this experiment will entail the isolation of a container beyond the precints of heat or errors prone to affect the experimental outcome. Another important parameter for measurement will be the can’s and containers specific heat capacity. This is moreso because it aid in slow or steady increase or decrease of temperature. Evidently, transfer of thermal energy between two objects is only feasible when they are at different temperatures. The experiment herein will investigate the thermal energy of a solid (ice) to liquid (water) state. In this regard, thermal energy will be lost by the ice and gained by the water. The design and construction of the calorimeter entails a can and container. There is a space between the can and container that functions as a heat insulator. Consequently, minimal exchange of heat occurs between the can and container. Furthermore, a digital thermometer is used in determining the liquids temperature within the container. In the middle of the container, a can is placed with ice in it. To aid in the equal distribution of heat throughout the vessel, a stirrer will be used in stirring the liquid. Laces are equally useful holding up the inner vessel suspended within the center of the outer container. A plastic lid or cover with holes is used in attaching the thermometer and stirring rod. The device used in the experiment for taking measurements of the energy changes within a system that is either physical or chemical in nature is known as a calorimà ¨tre. During the experiment, temperature recordings of the water inside the calorimeter were taken as the ice was melting. In this regard, measurements were conducted at intervals of every 30 seconds. Two trails of the experiment were conducted. Prior to recording the water temperatures, the stirrer was used in stirring the water for

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