Sunday, September 8, 2019

Accounting for Leaders- Kitchen Utensils Limited Essay

Accounting for Leaders- Kitchen Utensils Limited - Essay Example Kitchen Utensils LTD faces a number of problems. First, the company is unable to recruit and maintain educated and quality employees. The business has also failed to develop a desirable working environment to develop right skill set (Catanach & Feldmann, 54). This is so because the sales staff that the company has in hand lacks basic accounting skills. Secondly, there is a lack of proper training programs for the employees (Harvard Business School, 98). The management only trains their employees when the need arise. From the case, it is evident that the management is reactive rather than being proactive. The seminar has only been organized as a result of declining sales volume. Thirdly, there is a lack of proper communication of objective (Brocke & Rosemann, 129). The management has failed to formulate a common goal for the different departments. The three-day conference is only organized when Paul discovered that the sales personnel cannot translate sales into profit. They are, therefore, not able to determine accounting profit. Another problem that the company faces is a lack of agreement. Instead of coming to a common conclusion, the lecture only caused consternation among the sales personnel. The sales personnel, in fact, felt frustrated after the lecture. The following strategies should be adopted by the company to address the above challenges. The company needs to provide their employees with a workplace where they feel supported and valued in order to attract decent candidates (Vandenbosch, 48). The management should develop an effective employee selection method in order to be able to find talented individuals with the necessary set of skills for the business. This will not only increase the performance of the company but will also reduce the training costs. Employee selection tools such as structured interviews, General Mental Ability and Situational Judgment Tests have been

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