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Utilization Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Utilization Management - Essay ExampleConcurrent utilization however has reliable strengths as well(p) as some weaknesses. The strengths of the concurrent utilization surveil pertain to the fact that the concurrent utilization check up on can highlight the differences and discrepancies that pass in the different business processes across an industry. Moreover the concurrent utilization theory can also highlight the responsibility and accountability factor in the different processes and how it is being handled by the different firms. (Schlesinger & Gray, 1997) The other advantage of the concurrent approach for utilization review is that multiple entities can be thoroughly and comprehensively reviewed in terms of their work merges and utilization strategies. The effect of the different firms and their strategies for operation and utilization can also be studies through the concurrent utilization review. As a result the professional autonomy of the system is clearly depicted in a c omparative manner, enabling the reviewer to cross check and comp atomic number 18 the results with the review of other similar firms in the same industry.Conclusively it can be depicted that three strengths of the concurrent utilization rev... The reasons that justify this selection of strengths of the concurrent review for utilization pertain to the fact that professional autonomy and effects of accountability are specially and clearly depicted by the concurrent utilization review. They are the most important element ion any business, specifically in the medical field as in the subject case study. The analysis of the work flow and business processes for utilization as per the utilization review helps the end user in linking responsibility and autonomy to the different actors and the functions in the business process. 2. Identify two weaknesses of concurrent utilization review which you believe to be a significant issue. Discuss how the weakness has been compensated for, if at all, and your opinion as to whether you believe it whitethorn just eventually compromise the benefits of concurrent utilization review. The main objective of the concurrent utilization review is to make sure that the peoples/ patients in the inpatients as well as the outpatients function or departments have to stay the minimum required and needed time in the facility. This is to ensure that the other patients waiting in annotation for service and attention can be providing the medical care facility in the hospital and medical centers without congestion and lack of service quality in the facility and aid provided to them. This basically means that the workflow for the incoming and the treatment of the patients has to be managed and utilized in order to ensure that all customers get a standardized form of treatment in the medical facility. As mentioned earlier this is one of the main strengths of the concurrent utilization review. The weakness of

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