Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Squatters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

crinkleters - Essay Examplesquats, work is d wholeness in the process of cleaning the rooms, dusting the building, cooking for others and planetaryly, doing manything for the realise of both parties. A job involves an undertaking that one does for creating some income. A job accompanied by a financial ratification that always presented as payment or a salary. For example, some people in the squats had a job of collecting the fifty-cent entrance fee for euphony. The money they received used for general upkeep while at the squats (Penalver and Katyal 37).An ideology behind some peoples decision to participate in a squat bases on ones goal in life. Some people prefer having the life that they have less work pressure. Work where one has a feeling of self-satisfaction. Squat life has an environment where an individual is free from stress and where one can do something for others and in return feel appreciated. Such setting gives a soul the opportunity to contribute positively to the community of the squat people by helping others. Therefore, much(prenominal) characteristics, as identified with squat life, may attract some people to live or participate in a squat.The idea of work feature into life in a squat by the mind that most work here regarded as community service. As from the talk, people spend the whole day doing what they want to do. Work and life in a squat are liberating. Work in squats rather taken as social undertakings that involve the effort to make things better for others. People in such an environment mind a lot about others, as there is a sense of collective responsibility. People come together from different punctuate and end creates a family that they identify with in such squats. They, therefore, seek means of survival collectively as one (Penalver and Katyal 40).The squatting experience is fascinating in the sense that people seem to be what they are less expected. First, the life in squats is full of communism. The squatters treat each other as brothers. They listen to music

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