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Entrepreneurship Essays - Catering, Restaurant, Marketing

Entrepreneurship Essays - Catering, Restaurant, Marketing PLEASE DETACH AND HAND IN THIS PAGE SEPARATELY DECLARATION OF FITNESS TO SIT EXAMINATION Students must complete the information below. Please refer to the front of your examination paper for further information. School (please tick one)Business SchoolLaw School ProgrammeBSc Business Management ExaminationEntrepreneurship Date18/08/2015 Name1045555 I am not aware of any medical or other extenuating circumstances that would impair my performance in this examinationSignature Q.Niazi .. This sheet will be collected by an invigilator during the examination. Please do not leave your desk until it has been collected Contents NIAZIS CATERING3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY3 MISSION STATEMENT3 OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES3 MARKET OPPORTUNITY3 CORE VALUES &TEAM4 COMPETITORS4 FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT4 SALES AND MARKETING5 SALES AND REVENUE ESTIMATE5 FUNDING STRATEGY6 BIBLIOGRAPHY7 NIAZIS CATERING EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Niazis Catering is a private catering company run by Qadeer Niazi the founder of the business. Niazis catering provides a wide range of cuisines for private and corporate events organised in the Eastern end of London. At Niazis Catering we offer bespoke dishes along with our standard menu giving our clients a wider range of choices. Although there are several private companies that provide services in this market making it competitive enough to face challenges from the very start, however the business has a unique selling point (USP) that can help the business outstand in achieving higher sales volumes and help expand the business. The key focus of the business is to attract customers with the finest services and best quality food that can be provided at a very reasonable rate as compared to other businesses in the industry. Our food will be supplied from organic food wholesalers and we shall steer clear of GM food. Niazis Catering is regulated by the regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 for food hygiene and the business also has a license for alcohol, issued by the local authority. After getting a hold of our name in the market which is predicted to be in between a year and two of time, we would more likely condense the target customers and focus on the niche market where we will look forward to get more returns on our investments. MISSION STATEMENT At Niazis we thrive to deliver the best quality food with an exceptional standard of services and a wider range of tasty cuisines to our clients. OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES We provide customers to choose from five different cuisines which is the standard offering that include deserts and drinks, nevertheless the menu can be customized according to the clients requirements. The business provides meals, salads or appetizers, deserts and drinks alcoholic/non-alcoholic depending on the type of event being organized. In the initial stages of the business we aim to provide services for family gatherings, birthday parties, and corporate functions. The part that gets interested is when we get to arrange food for over 30 persons, we allow the customers to personalise the menu from three different types of cuisines. Which makes it really interesting for the guests giving them a chance to have a wider range to eat from just like in buffet restaurants. Our catering company also provides vegetarian food made available on requests. Other catering companies do provide different types of colourful salads along with the main courses but lets be honest with a venue full of people enjoying their multicultural food having a bowl/plate full of salad would not be satisfying at all. Therefore, we came up with this idea of adding vegetarian dishes to the menu. We give our customers the privilege to have complete flexibility on deciding how they would like to treat their guests with all the varieties they could possibly think of. MARKET OPPORTUNITY The catering industry has progressively improved in the past five years, after a poor demand level at which businesses had lost interest in investing or growing any further. The annual growth of the market between 2010 and 2015 is 2.2%. After settling down in the market we tend to target mainly customers those who host corporate functions. It is estimated that over 40% of the revenue in this industry is generated from corporate function orders. Corporate events organise product launch meals, conference lunch/dinner Christmas Eve functions and many more. Companies that arrange such functions require a sophisticated environment with the best cuisines available with a higher standard than usual, as a result they wish to pay a greater price for that. One of the biggest advantage

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