Thursday, October 17, 2019

Whole Foods are Cause Related and not Strategic Philanthropy Case Study

Whole Foods are Cause Related and not Strategic Philanthropy - Case Study Example The company also started selling its own private labels that included its everyday value, whole Market, and whole kitchen that helped their customers to cut their budget (Ferrell 526). The company puts into consideration all their stakeholder's health and well-being. Its mission statement emphasizes the need for them providing the highest quality natural and organic products. It believes that satisfying their customers and employees creates wealth for shareholders. It allows free sampling to their customer that enables the customers to try their products. The employees treat their customers as the part of their families, and this attracts them. The company also uses social media to strengthen their relationship with their clients. After the company had made some mistakes, it resolved to rectify by hiring Health Eating Specialists who began posting information on its website to educate consumers on healthy eating habits. The company also allows the employees to form unions if they wis h to have one (Ferrell 527). The laws require all companies to provide quality foods to their customers, whole foods ensures that it gives their customers high-quality products. The company labels those foods that are genetically modified though this is not required by law, and this indicates their commitment to their customer health; in turn, this has led to the company gaining the trust of their clients. By providing high-quality products, the company attracts more customers, and this leads to its growth. The company pays better wages and working conditions for their workers, which ensures high performance (Ferrell 529). The decision to investing in solar installation is ethical since it allows the company to reduce its environmental impact. Solar energy installation prevents 1650 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere. Solar is a renewable source of energy, and this ensures that there is a clean supply of energy all the time (Ferrell 532).

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