Thursday, October 31, 2019

Judiciary Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Judiciary Assignment - Essay Example However, at around midnight, turmoil broke out for a couple of minutes and literally affected those in attendance. In this case, Bradley Smith was injured severely in the bar fight. He brought a premises liability action against Del Lago and the jury realized that the resort was 51% responsible and smith had a 49% responsibility on the occurrence. The damages were estimated to be worth $2,874,000, although the trial court minimized the damages by 49% and they agreed that Smith was to be compensated $1,478,283. Bradley smith won the case and he was compensated for his loss. This was a major reason that resulted to the judge’s disagreement. In case I was the Texas Supreme Court Justice, I would conclude the risk of a criminal act that occurred in the Grandstand Bar resulted to injuries although it was not predicted. This means that Del Lago never owed any legal duty to Smith so that he would protect him fro the criminal acts of the third party. In this case, a decision was issued on 3rd March, 2010 and it involved Ronald Lee Wilson, who was accused of shooting Amos Gutierrez during the year 2006. It was noted that the case was not successful since the detective used invalid forensic reports to deceive Wilson so that he would think that his fingerprints were on the ammo clip that was found lying next o the body of Amos Gutierrez. This issue focused Wilson to admit having committee the crime, although he was not involved. However, after the appellants motion to suppress, it is evident that the police officer who had interrogated the defendant had violated the Penal Code 37.09 and he confessed to have tampered with the forensic report. In conclusion, we note that the state provides the defense of the prosecution and it was concluded that Detective Robert created the document as an interrogation technique to ensure that the report was noted as the evidence. According to the law, Wilson served half of the

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