Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Internet-Based Patient Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Internet-Based Patient Education - Essay Example It is the mandate of the doctors to provide advisory to the patients by discouraging self-diagnosis even at the time that the patent is suffering from a simple illness. This can be done through media campaigns, through workshops, and hospitals, among other forums where patients interact with doctors for free advisory. Through this intervention, the doctors should be able to answer all the questions that arise from the patients. In addition, the patient should be made aware that the use of internet-based knowledge in is inadequate to fully help in diagnosis. Therefore, it should be discouraged by all means.  Another aspect is that the doctor should be at a position of gauging a patient’s level of awareness before treatment. Some medical conditions are psychological, hence depends on the perception of the patient towards the prevailing condition. A patient that has acquired online information about a disease that they have, may provoke them to have a psychological status of a disease that they are not actually suffering from. In essence, the person may become very sickly and unable to understand the state of their condition. Cases of self-diagnosis can also result to uptake of the wrong medicine by a patient. Wrong diagnosis can result from lack of understanding from the patient that different diseases may have some similar symptoms, hence the need for a doctor to do a comprehensive analysis in order to understand the actual condition. When gauging the level of awareness that the patent.

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