Thursday, September 26, 2019

Obesity is increasingly referred to as a global epidemic. Discuss the Essay

Obesity is increasingly referred to as a global epidemic. Discuss the causes and consequences of, and possible solutions to this - Essay Example The BMI of an individual is calculated from the proportion of their body height and weight. It’s a statistical calculation that can be done even with the use of a calculator as long as you have your exact height and weight information. A BMI reading of above 25 is also an indication of overweight that if not looked at may develop into obesity. The point of accessing the information about your body weight as easily as through dialing a calculator is to help people get easy access and use the information effectively. Obesity is an epidemic that is at a very fast rate spreading throughout the world. The first study to calculate the impact on the environment of growing waistlines has estimated that the adult human population weighs in at 287 million tons, 15 million of which is due to the overweight and 3.5 million due to obesity (Gray 2012). Thus a lot of emphasis should be put in addressing this epidemic before the condition gets worse. This paper therefore examines this global epidemic; the causes and consequences, and possible solutions. CAUSES Obesity occurs when energy intake from food and drink consumption is greater than energy expenditure through the body’s metabolism and physical activity over a prolonged period, resulting in the accumulation of excess body fat (Public Health England 2013). It, just like any other condition or disease has its causes that can be looked into and avoided or precluded in our day to day lives. Such a risky health condition if not well treated and addressed can be fatal and even lead to death. Its causes are; too much eating of high calorie food, living in too much comfort with little physical exercise, medical reasons and lifestyle choice (NHS Choices 2013). This are causes that can be avoide since they involve our day to day lives and activities. They are actions that an individual can make do with or without as long they have the will and motivation to always keep fit and healthy. Eating too much food that has high callorie is a habit that is developed as people grow. Callories are the energy content that is available in a specific diet and measures its value thereof. Foods such as hamburger, fries can add a lot of calories to the body if consumed in large amounts, and it is therefore paramount that they are kept in check. The average physically active man needs 2,500 calories to maintain a healthy weight, and the average physically active woman needs 2,000 (NHS Choices 2013). The large amounts should be distributed among the different food types that have the different nutritious values, and not to just starch or protein foods alone. Lifestyle choice is also another cause of obesity and can as easily be kept in check to avoid this condition just like the others. People tend to envy and enjoy lives that are to the human eye perfect but in actual sense not balanced at all. Obesity depends of fat deposits that take quite some time to accumulate is hence it develops gradually in a person and not in one day. Living a lifestyle that is stylish of; fast food regularly, too much alcohol, too much sugary food and dessert eventually leads to increase in weight (NHS Choices 2013). This is especially if these are taken in large quantities and in almost every meal of the day. The excess that is in the body and of no nutritious value get deposited to the adipose tissues in the body and become fats that bring about overweight and then obesity. Such a lifestyle

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