Thursday, September 12, 2019

Choose one of the career in travel industry as topic Research Paper

Choose one of the career in travel industry as topic - Research Paper Example They are even involved in the act of identifying hotels, resting areas, travelling needs in compliance with the budget that has been provided by the customers. They may even indulge in developing a budget for the travellers in accordance to the travelling elements they have selected. They may provide travellers with information on the cost the travellers will have to pay for individual elements including hotels and transportation or they may develop an entire package that comprises of all the elements (Burns 3). They may work as agents to travellers and book cars, entertainment events as well as hotels on the behalf of the travellers. They even arrange proper documentation that travellers will need while travelling. They even provide insight regarding the laws and regulations as well as cultures of the destinations where travellers have planned to visit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States the average salary that a travel agent earns on yearly basis is around $34,000, while the lowest they may earn on yearly basis is $19,000 or more and the highest they may earn for their hard works is $57,400 ( 1). This salary range even includes the commissions that travel agents earn as a major portion of their salary is dependent on the commissions they may charge from tourists as well as the companies whose products they are selling. Some of them even work on hourly wages and may earn an average amount of more than $16 on hourly basis. The maximum level of education that travel agents may need is a diploma of the level of high school, but certain employers prefer to hire those individuals who have attained extra training. Travelling agents can obtain trainings from educational institutes that offer vocational training and they may even opt for courses that are provided while travelling agents are on the job.

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