Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Compare and contrast thermodynamics and kinetics Essay

Compare and contrast thermodynamics and kinetics - Essay Example It studies the factors that affect reaction rates and the mechanisms in which the chemical reactions proceed. Kinetics is concerned with the measure of reaction rates of that proceed under specific conditions of pressure, temperature and concentration. This paper seeks to compare and contrast kinetics and thermodynamics. Thermodynamics is complementary to the theory of kinetic. It provides the relations between the physical properties of a system under specified measurements, while kinetics enables the calculations of the magnitude of the system’s properties. Thermodynamics determines the equilibrium of the reaction, the constant of the equilibrium, and it is also determined by enthalpy and entropy. On the other hand, kinetics determines the rate and speed of the reaction, the constant of the rate and it is determined by the activation energy. Thermodynamics and kinetics are hence related to one another in a chemical reaction. As described in the above paragraph, a chemical reaction contains aspects of both thermodynamics and kinetics. The kinetics related quantities are constant rate which is associated with the required activation energy for reaction to move forward, while thermodynamics is associated with the energy difference that results from a free energy released in the process of a chemical reaction. Although kinetics defines the speed and rate of reaction, they don’t specify conditions of the equilibrium. On the same note, thermodynamics only details the equilibrium conditions and says nothing about the rate and speed of reaction; hence the two are related and complement each

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