Monday, August 26, 2019

An effective training evaluation plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

An effective training evaluation plan - Essay Example The benefits of employee training often come in the long run after the employees have fully gained the skills needed. During hard economic times when companies consider cutting on costs, some managers may like to do away with the department of training and development as it is a n expense in the short term. This however is not a good move since the benefits of having the department are far much greater than the short term costs. Scraping off the department implies that the workforce may not be able to enhance their skills and the organization may not therefore be able to cope with the changes in the business environment, including hard economic times. During difficult economic times like recessions, companies and organizations need to have a well informed and skilled workforce that is capable of making the right decisions to keep the organization going. This is not the time to do away with the department. One of the most important resources of any organization is its workforce (Monta na, and Bruce, 2000). The more skilled and knowledgeable an organization’s workforce is, the better the organization. An organization can ensure its employees have the best skills and knowledge in their professions by having a good recruitment policy that ensures the best candidates are given opportunities to work for the organization. ... Employee training and development has a direct effect on the overall performance and success of an organization (William, and Kazanas, 2004). Employees and top managers are directly involved in decision making processes that shape the future of the organization and actively contribute to the production of goods and services. Through training the employees are able to advance and improve on their skills and knowledge so as to be better placed to increase their performance levels and improve the organization’s performance. Benefits of Employee Training Employee training and development is beneficial to both the organization and the employees. Among the benefits that employee training has to an organization include having a motivated workforce, increased performance levels, increased profits, increased staff loyalty and retention, and great customer care (Cohn, Khurana, and Reeves, 2005). Investment in employee training helps the organization to have a motivated workforce. The em ployee will feel that their employer cares for them and their career and therefore be highly motivated to perform their duties. When the employees are motivated to work, there will be a great working environment with minimum confrontations between the management and junior employees or among the employees themselves. This ensures there is harmony in the workplace. This is good for the organization because it ensures the employees concentrate on their main objectives of helping the organization achieve its goals (Cohn, Khurana, and Reeves, 2005). Employee training and development is also beneficial to the organization because it leads to increased performance levels of employees. This ensures that

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