Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Impact of Leadership Styles on The Organisation Performance Abu Research Paper

The Impact of Leadership Styles on The Organisation Performance Abu Dhabi Municipality as a case study - Research Paper Example Leadership has been evident for as long as individuals have communicated and interacted; it is present in every culture regardless of social, economic, and political compositions. Leadership development in the public sector is not a new or distinct subject yet there has been a large gap between the actual leadership styles of public leaders on one hand and the needs and interests of the public on the other (Trottier, Wart, and Wang 2008). For instance, there have been considerable complaints regarding the commitment of public leaders toward the essential aspects of public service as well as the citizen’s interests. Consequently, this has resulted to a common response among the community with regards to the need for a certain type of leadership. Leadership plays a critical role in good public governance and should be effectively integrated into the government’s culture (Jaussi and Dionne 2004). ... Research Questions The current study then aims to answer the following primary questions: 1. What are the leadership styles demonstrated by leaders in the Abu Dhabi municipality? 2. What is the impact of such leadership styles on organisational performance among the Abu Dhabi municipality leaders? 3. What are the ways with which effective leadership can be demonstrated by leaders in the Abu Dhabi municipality? Research Objectives In relation to such questions, the study aims to address the following objectives: 1. To ascertain the leadership styles and characteristics among leaders in the Abu Dhabi municipality; 2. To examine the variables of the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) such as transformational, transactional, and passive/avoidant leadership, and identify which of these types is/are most evident in Abu Dhabi leaders; 3. To identify the outcomes of leadership based on extra effort, effectiveness, and satisfaction among such businesses; and 4. To provide recommendati ons with regards to the suitability of leadership styles to the public’s interest in Abu Dhabi. Significance of the Study Effective leadership is a fundamental requirement for the public sector, such as those who perform government duties. A number of researchers have asserted that management, innovation, and initiative are not enough to handle unpredictable change that rapidly occurs. Furthermore, organisational procedures and policies do not produce favorable effects unless leaders are developed as they should hold the values and goals which empower workforce members and enable them to achieve success (Harms and Crede 2010). Leadership can bring about significant changes in the organisational life. Positive outcomes can be

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