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A History of the Arab Peoples Albert Hourani Essay

Albert Houranis handwriting A Hi calculate of the Arab people highlights the Arab muniment in general since the early beginning of Islam and point before that-, till the modern ages in the cardinalth century. The view as is groovy for westerners elicit in the Arabs and for Arabs, who are not beaten(prenominal) with their history. The book is a comfortably pass on to any interested reader. Back foothold culture Lebanese-American historian Albert Tourane represent this book as an addition to his previous workings discussing Arabs history and Arabian affairs much(prenominal)(prenominal) as, Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, 1789-1939,which was first published in 1962.It would be a mistake to report with this book as a utter(a) history book. Its not depending only on dates and chronological extent of the Arabic people and civilization and this is a good point to build our review on it. Summary Houranis book begins with the story of Ibn-Khaldon, the expectant Arab soci alist. The following chapter talks most the way of Islam and Muhammad and then his successors and the formation of the Islamic empire 3 . Next, the book talks about the Islamic society and its Koranic accounts 4 with the great revolution in translating science and Greek philosophy with the appearance of Sufism 5 .Islamic expansion and the interpretation of minorities like Jews and Christians 6 followed. Life in countryside 7 and cities 8 and the rulers of the societies 9 were menti iodind in later pages. way of Islam 1o and The acculturation of the ulema 11 are two chapters talk about the faith in Islam with backbone of community and low determination. The book besides turn outs how culture was well equal 12 and how the following Ottoman empire 13 sustained the Arab world, with a brief definition of Ottoman societies 14 .Chapter fifteen starts lecture about the eighteenth century 15 and the European powers in the Arabic areas 16 like French intervention in Algeria. Ope ning of Suez Canal and Zionism arose with Jews settled in Palestine 16 and how the culture of Imperialism 17 started to have a loud function in the area. Word War sensation 18 and its influence discussed in Chapter nineteen 19 with the modern life in Arabic societies 20 . Book show how the emergence of Israel started and the independent movements were held from French & British and The tragedy of the triple attack on Egypt on 195621.Chapter twenty two 22 show a rapid convert in Arabic societies and the Arabic culture extended 23 with the climax of Arabism started from fifties 23 . Final chapters of the book discussed the going away between Arabs, the sudden death of Nasser and the 1973 fight between Egypt and Israel 24. final chapter states some major problems in the area, including Kurds struggle for independence, Sudan problem and women issues. keep down of twenty pages of maps followed, which make a great way to represent the places that was mentioned in the book. rating of the book This book is well represented with all the illustration and maps introduced. The Index is well-written and helpful in finding any information directly. As mentioned before, the book couldnt be categorized as a history book its better described as Social-history book and starting with the life of Ibn-Khaldun is much(prenominal) evidence. It represents a vast look on the Arabic societies through history, describing the life style, science, divers(prenominal) religion and civilization.Many chapters described the said(prenominal) period of time but dealing with different subjects, like chapters twenty 25 two and twenty three 26 in the (1950s and 1960s). From the other point of view, this book skims some important details such as, the expand pre-Islamic era, the great empires of Umayyad and Abbasid which was represented with partially amount of pages that doesnt exceed sevener pages in some cases. withal the detailed life of Prophet Muhammad, which has a great impact o n the Arabic societies. Also Crusaders wars werent well mentioned, although it has a very huge impact on Arabs in its time.Conclusion Dealing with the history of Arabs is such a great effort and a hard game to play. This book well-tried to do the most of the job with a different way, which is representing history from the social point of view. I would recommend this book if one already has a minimum fellowship and understanding of Arab history . Otherwise I recommend alternatives such as, History of the Arabs from the earlier times to the present, of Philip Hitti. It would be useful for a good specialized historical reading.

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