Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Scarlet Letter vs Ministers Black Veil Essay Example for Free

Scarlet Letter vs Ministers cruddy Veil EssayThis essay is comparing and contrasting two stories by Nathaniel Hawthorn. The stories are The Scarlet Letter and The Ministers Black Veil. There are many similarities as well as differences. There are similarities in religious beliefs. They also have almost the exact homogeneous themes. We will begin with a couple paragraphs on what the two stories have in commonBoth stories involved sin. In The Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale whom was a pastor hid his scarlet letter in shame while Hester Pryne was accused of adultery. This relates to the minister in The Ministers Black Veil since the ministers veil was used to hide the ministers shame. So both the stories have very similar themes.Both stories are also very puritanistic in religious beliefs. They both had very stringently religious people whom were trying to obtain grace by weeding out sinners so they were better people. Both stories were made up of a lot of puritanistic beliefs. In bo th The Ministers Black Veil and The Scarlet Letter the supposed sinners were antagonized throughout the stories. Another thing the two novels had in coimmonm is that both ministers were being hurt in some shape or formThere are also a few differences. Firstly in The Ministers Black Veil there wasnt any prostitute. In The Scarlet Letter Dimmesdale never killed anybody like the other minister. There was good within the ministers black veil even though he hid his face in shame he tried to make up for it. Dimmesdale did not in fact Dimmesdale was spreading rumors behind Hesters back and just being horrible. These stories follow the main theme of the era they were written in (the puritanist era) Puritanism is an extremely strict religion.This has been my compare and contrast essay. I would like to thank the reader for victorious the time to read the essay and I apologize if you find anything unsatisfactory thank you fr ypur patience.

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