Saturday, June 8, 2019

Research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 7

Research Paper ExampleWhen my Aunt, Elizabeth was a young woman, a wife for five months, altogether she could dream of is becoming a mother of three lovely kids. Due to anxiety, she could sit to watch baby stories on TLC, and always outcry when the baby is born, a feeling of joy felt by a new mother. She thought every part of motherhood had to be the most dire feeling. Such was the feeling that she decided to hasten the decision to become pregnant contrary to the agreement with her husband that they would only become parents once they achieve spatial relation they can comfortably take care of a baby. According to her plans she thought she would labor for a while, and then have a perfect delivery and rootage breastfeeding expecting to start bonding with the baby instantly. As a first time pregnant mom, it was natural that she would always think of how fun it will be. She is just unitary woman among the many who undergo such expectations before becoming pregnant after all.It was not long after that she found out it was not all glitters as she had dreamt it would be. Like other women, she experienced varied emotions coupled with life changing moments that she would be forgiven for dismissing the idea of having a second baby in the snug future. An occasional drinker in her youthful years, she stopped her habit, stopped eating her favorite cheese and meat products. Instead she had to drink milk and other foods as advised by those magazines that she read. She even began keeping track of the amounts of fruits and vegetables that she because she was obsessed with being the perfect pregnant woman. Now not interested anymore in running(a) and having resigned all she would do was master the TV programs that would help further her know-how on motherhood. All these adjustments to her were a small sacrifice to make the baby was that entire she cared for. In the first months of pregnancy frequent vomiting, fatigue, and

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