Monday, June 17, 2019

Master Dissertation Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Master Dissertation Proposal - Essay Example(Jablonski, 1991)This dissertation proposal is about implementation of a TQM structure through culture technology. The industry I have decided to choose for this particular proposal is customer service centers/call centers. Call centers are part of the business where workers resolving queries of customer regarding products, services, customer service, etc. nowadays these call centers are outsourced to different schemes and in many cases they are located in different countries to save organization costs. (Bateman et al., 1999)Developed countries have seen rise of call centers outsourcing to other organizations and other countries in the past decade. However there are still loads of issues that the call centers drive to overcome in terms of quality of service. (Batt and Moynihan, 2002) A lot of research has been carried out on implementation of TQM in the service industry, however little fierceness has been on use of IT in implementation of TQM. Research has confirmed that implementation of TQM and effective use of IT is far from execution in the service delivery sector. (Yasin et al., 2004)The comportment of this research is to identify quality issues in call centers delivery of service and also to recommend a total quality management structure though information technology. The call centers are run and they deliver services which are very much based on IT. However little has been done to suffer improvements in the structure. (Au and Choi, 1999) The IT structure is scattered and knowledge sharing is an issue in the industry. (Davenport, 1993)The above mentioned problems come from general perception and experience that customers have from call centers. The prepare of this research is two sided it will focus on both customers and staff of call centers to identify the real problems.The objective is to come up with problems that exist on both sides and then suggest a total quality

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