Saturday, June 15, 2019

Achieving Success on International Assignments Essay

Achieving Success on International Assignments - Essay ExampleAs more companies grow and become globalised many employees are besides being charged with international assignments and therefore it is important to be prepared. This involves assessing your own personality, team skills, as well up as leadership in order to compensate sure they match international. With these important personal and corporate skills gained through experience with many people from across the world serving in different I believe I am ready to take up an international assignment anytime it is presented my way.If sent for an international assignment I believe I pass on easily achieve success owing to great interpersonal skills gained over time. I have a strong confidence in myself, self dependent and proven ability of working independently with little or no supervision at all told in all. As an individual I also am well versed with major international languages and am open to learning new languages used in whatever host country. When faced with obstacles I have detect myself to be very resilient and have persevered extremely difficult circumstances. I also view myself as a very flexible individual with undefiled ability to strongly face and come out of uncertainties unshaken. Another great personal trait that I know in myself is the ability to interact with all kinds of people, tolerate everyone and uphold respect for other people as well as their cultures even if they are not familiar. This has helped me to get along well with persons from all spheres of life and I therefore believe will also influence my fast adapting.

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