Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Miscommunication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

A Miscommunication - Essay ExampleIn one particularly funny scene, the two be poring over video tape evidence and just as one of the pieces of information the are studying has Richard Castle quite frustrated that he tells her that they should residual on it. Misunderstanding what he meant, she gave him this look of wonder and bewilderment as she wondered about the sexual connotation of his statement. He reacts with a very funny Separately. Katherine Beckett, I never... before he walks away from her. Had Beckett been played as a male character, there would have been a lesser chance of miscommunication because, as a on-key male, he would not have seen any double meaning to the statement Castle made. He would have understood it for what it actually meant. That there are these 2 tired people who have been working long and hard on a case and they need to take a break in ball club to be able to be able to properly analyze the evidence before them and interpret them properly. This scene in particular shows how miscommunication can easily continue between people. It also leads us to understand that given a different set of circumstances, such as having 2 males in the scene instead of a male and female, would have totally changed the outcome of the scene. References Davis, Elizabeth (Writer) & Barret, David (Director). (2011). One Life To fall back (Television series episode). Marlowe, Andrew (Producer), Castle. Los Angeles CA ABC Mangas, Luciana. Sneak Peeks Castle 3.18 One Life To Lose.

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