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Questions on Computer Basics and Software

No. of Printed Pages 4 BACHELOR IN COMPUTER APPLICATIONS (BCA Revised) Term-End Examination cV 00 June, 2012 BCS-011 BCS-011 COMPUTER BASICS AND P C SOFTWARE Time 3 hours Maximum Marks 100 Weightage 75% Note Question number 1 is compulsory and carries 40 marks. Attempt either three questions from the rest. (a) Convert the following hexadecimal number to equivalent binary and decimal (i) (ii) (b) (51)16 (DA)16 5 4 1. How is the access time on a platter is defined ? develop each of the component of access time with the help of an example. apologise the basic structure of a computer system ? With the help of a diagram .A personal computer has a component called motherboard. How is motherboard related to the basic computer structure ? (c) 6 BCS-011 1 P. T. O. List five facilities that are provided by an operating system to a user or to a program. Draw a flow chart to add integer between 2 to (n+1) where n2. Explain the terms Subroutine and function with the help of an exampl e. Consider two IP addresses 160. 10. 11. 25 160. 10. 12. 35 Do they belong to the same network , if (i) The subnet mask is 255. 255. 0. 0 (ii) The subnet mask is 255. 255. 255. 0 release your answer. (h) What is a Wide atomic number 18a Network (WAN) ? What are the characteristics of WAN ?How are they different from LANs ? Is Internet a WAN ? Justify your answer. What is the need of memory hierarchy in a computer system ? Explain with the help of various trade offs like cost, speed, size etc. What is unrepentant software ? List various types of perverse software. Give four ways to counter perverse software. What are cookies in the context of Browser software ? Are cookies bad ? Explain. List four precautions for safe browsing. BCS-011 2 7 6 8 6 3. (a) Compare and contrast the characteristics of the following (i) (ii) (b) Dot matrix newspaperman versus Laser printer Cathode ray tube monitors versus liquid crystal display monitors. (c) Latest word processor have text 8 manipulat ion functions that reach out beyond a basic ability to enter and change text . Explain any four of these advanced text manipulation functions. 6 Explain the characteristics of the following data transmission channels (i) (ii) Optic fiber cables Radio waves (iii) Infrared 4. (a) List six activities that should be part of an e-learning system. Explain the phases of content learning in e-learning. (b) Compare and contrast the following (i) (ii) SRAM versus DRAM SIMM versus DIMM 6 8 (iii) ROM versus PROM (iv) CD-ROM versus Pen drive. c) What is Open Source Software ? What are the main features of open source development model ? BCS-011 3 6 P. T. O. 5. Explain any five of the following with the help of an example/diagram, if needed. (i) (ii) The uses of WIKI in collaboration. The activities/actions performed by a search engine. 20 (iii) TCP/IP model. (iv) (v) (vi) Activities in a project management software. Batch systems and time sharing operating systems. Different types of separ ate in a computer. (vii) Concept of Instruction and motivation for development of UNICODE. BCS-011 4

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