Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Educational Philosophy Education is the key to opening many opportunities in ones lifetime. People can learn, grow, and dream through education and its recourses. Many opportunities are because of education and the educational system in America. I have always enjoyed education and going to school. I am raise in interpersonal chemistry and enjoy working with the science subjects. Chemistry is something that I like to share with others. Children need the guidance and info that education provides. I fate to make a difference in a childs life and show them that a hard subject such as chemistry can still be fun. My classroom is going to be very organized and mostly of a traditional style. The seating should be in rows on one side of the room, closest to the chalkboard, for when working problems or teaching. The other side of the classroom in lines go forth probably be lab desks and lab equipment. hopefully there will be a separate room for storage o f chemicals and the larger scale equipment. All of my bulletin boards will be covered with information relating to the subject area. Supplemental materials and projects will go hand in hand in studying labs for chemistry. Safety equipment will also be easily genial from anywhere in the classroom. I feel a teacher should have enough authority in a classroom to be respected nevertheless not feared. I feel when teachers intimidate students then they have taken their authority too far. This factor can lead in to discipline and teaching, leading styles. If a teacher is respected in the classroom then discipline will not be a major problem. As far as teaching and leadership styles I want to be new to the students, like no other teacher they have ever had before. I want them to be as excited about science as I am. I hope to remain traditional as far as standards and values, yet evoke and attention holding as a teacher. Hopefully with the children interested in w hat they are learning they can be motivated by their own will as well as motivated by their teachers.

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